How to stop snacking when watching TV

TV watching


Watching the TV in the evening is a time when many people eat and drink despite not being hungry. There are several reasons which conspire towards this:


  • TV is a very passive activity, so it’s all too easy for the mind to wander on to food
  • Programmes may contain scenes including food which acts as a trigger for eating and of course cookery programmes are among the most popular
  • TV adverts during evening shows include tempting ads for “treat” foods
  • We are at our lowest ebb energy-wise so may find it hard to resist temptation


Changing from the habit of eating whilst watching TV to not eating in the evening unless you’re hungry will mean that you lose whatever extra weight you are carrying because of this one unhelpful habit.


Ben found that when he stopped eating his regular bar of chocolate and packet of crisps in the evening he lost 8 pounds over 6 weeks and the weight stayed off as he realised he didn’t need to eat snacks after dinner. Instead he had a cup of tea when he was watching TV and came to enjoy this simple alternative, particularly because it had a noticeable effect on his waistline and his self-confidence.


Simple tips for changing this one unhelpful habit:


  1. Choose programmes which contain few or no food triggers
  2. Record the programme and fast-forward over the adverts
  3. Take up an additional activity whilst watching TV such as doing a puzzle or knitting
  4. Create a new evening routine where you brush your teeth with very minty toothpaste before sitting down to watch TV (to make snacks less appealing) and have a hot drink instead of snacks as a new habit
  5. Take up an alternative pastime for the evenings which doesn’t involve television
  6. If you feel anxious as you change your evening snacking, download the free ebook “Anxiety and how to Manage it”  from for effective and simple ways of dealing with feelings of anxiety



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