Masterclass: How to help your clients reduce Emotional Eating

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This Masterclass on the psychology of emotional eating is for professionals of all disciplines whose work involves helping people change how they eat.


Emotional eating is associated with decreased quality of life, increased calorie intake and drop-out from weight loss programmes. Clients attempting to lose weight may give up because of difficulties with regulating unpleasant feelings and find that they turn to highly palatable calorific foods. 

Suppressing emotions does not work. 

In this course we focus on evidence-based ways of helping your clients discover ways of reducing their reliance on food to deal with difficult feelings.

Practical, simple strategies which have good outcome results are covered in this Masterclass and you will be able to put them into practice immediately and enhance the quality of the work you’re able to do with your clients.

Please note that we don’t address how to work with eating disorders in this Masterclass.


Who is the Masterclass for?

If your work involves helping people who want to reduce emotional eating, this Masterclass is for you. 

You will learn practical and simple techniques for reducing emotional eating. 

You may be working as a dietitian, nutritionist, nurse, health care assistant, doctor, health coach, psychologist, food educator, counsellor, psychotherapist or other health-related profession.

What you will learn

  • risk factors for emotional eating
  • the psychological processes involved in the development of emotional eating
  • how to help reduce shame around emotional eating
  • how to enhance interoceptive awareness
  • specific, evidence-based techniques to reduce emotional eating using ACT 
  • other emotion regulation strategies
  • outcome studies

Course requirements

There are no specific qualifications needed to attend this Masterclass. 

Professional Accreditation

This Masterclass is approved for 6 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by


  • British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)
  • UK & International Health Coaches Association (UKIHCA).

About the trainer

Dr Helen McCarthy is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bristol.

She works as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Bristol and Cardiff. Helen has over 30 years’ experience working as a Clinical Psychologist, using second and third wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapies since 1989 and using EMDR since 2005. Helen is an Advanced Functional Imagery Training Practitioner.

Helen developed Appetite Retraining in 2011 to help her clients lose weight without dieting. Her first book “How to Retrain Your Appetite: Lose weight eating all your favourite foods” was published in 2019. Helen has appeared on the ITV programme “Save Money Lose Weight”, was Consultant to Channel 4’s “Don’t Diet, Lose Weight” and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Mail Online, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Women’s Health, Veggie magazine, The Bristol Post, Wales Online and Western Mail.

She is a graduate of Durham University and Oxford University and was awarded the BPS Diploma in Clinical Psychology from the South East Thames Clinical Psychology Training Scheme in 1989.

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Feedback from previous training events

I loved the Emotional Eating Masterclass! It gave me a good understanding about the emotions involved in emotional eating and what personal values are behind them, as well as tools and techniques to apply in my nutrition clinic.

It was very informative and incredibly inspiring.

What a wonderful Masterclass, thank you so much!

Great collection of practical tools and theory around emotional eating to support clients change their eating behaviours.

A good overview and practical application of ACT and other techniques to support clients with emotional eating, knowing professional boundaries and taking what you need from this to add to your own toolkit and client groups or ways or working. Thank you so much!

I enjoyed the masterclass on Emotional Eating which was informative, research-based and compassionately run. I learnt a lot about the psychology of emotional eating and how to tackle it with new useful techniques including ACT which will help with my client work.

I loved the clear and easy steps to implement straight away with my client. Great tips in relation to useful resources. And good reminder of the importance of having the client in charge of naming and choosing their own emotions, challenges, values and substituting non-food-related actions


The fee is £165, which includes the recordings with lifetime access, and all the supporting materials.

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Any questions?

If you have any other questions about the Masterclass please feel free to email

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