Here you can read real-life stories of people who have successfully used Appetite Retraining to lose weight and achieve their goals

Reversing middle-age weight gain

Reversing middle-age weight gain and losing the weight gained over the past 7 years – Anna’s story.

Reducing alcohol intake

Significantly reducing alcohol intake which had been used to self-medicate worry and physical pain:  Gareth’s story.

Overcoming stress-related eating

Overcoming stress-related eating and cravings for sweet foods – Dr T’s story.

Putting a stop to emotional eating

Putting a stop to emotional eating and overcoming cravings for carbohydrates- Iris’s story.

Swapping junk food for real food

Changing from skipping meals and eating junk food to regular meals with real food – Richard’s story.

A couple support each other losing weight

Working as a couple to support each other’s weight loss makes the process fun! – Rob and Clare’s story