Cake and the Wisdom of Mary Berry

 Love your food whilst you lose weight


One of the nation’s favourite TV cookery presenters Mary Berry has spoken of eating cake as healthy, as long as people only eat a small piece at a time. Trying to forego treats like cake is a major reason for people giving up on diets which restrict food choices.  A diet is only of any use if you can stick to it and if you can then incorporate the new ways of eating into your life for good.

In the Journal of the American Medical Association from 3rd September 2014 (Vol 312 (9): 923-33), Johnston et al analysed the results of outcome studies of overweight individuals using a range of diets. They found that weight loss differences between individual named diets were small. This supports the practice of recommending any diet that a person will adhere to in order to lose weight.

“Our findings suggest that patients may choose, among those associated with the largest weight loss, the diet that gives them the least challenges with adherence.”

Yo-yo dieting is the result of people embarking on diets which are only sustainable for a short time and then reverting to old eating habits when they come off the diet. People tend to overshoot and gain some extra weight when they come off a conventional diet.  It is now well recognised that serial dieting produces weight gain rather than weight loss. So, the key should be to find a new eating regime that you can stick to.

If you know from experience that giving up cake (or whatever food you particularly love) leads you to ditch whatever diet you are on, it follows that to lose weight you need to use an approach which does not require you to give up your favourite foods.

This is what Appetite Retrainng offers. There is no prescription about what you should or shouldn’t eat.  Instead the focus is on making stepwise changes to your current eating habits. For many people that means changing the amount of food they eat by learning how to stop eating and how to wait until hungry before starting to eat.

Getting back in tune with the body’s natural hunger and fullness offers the means to do this. Returning to using these natural signals as we all did as infants opens the door to eating the food you already love but, like Mary Berry, in amounts that allow you to lose weight and keep it at that new lower point.

To achieve this you may need to overcome anxiety about tolerating mild hunger. In our 21st Century western culture, hunger has come to be seen as something to be avoided.

With Appetite Retraining mild hunger is to be embraced both because it enables gradual, sustainable weight loss and because when you are hungry, food tastes much, much better than when you’re not. Overcoming the anxieties associated with feeling hungry and with changing eating habits is central to what is offered.

Backing up Mary Berry’s wisdom is Professor Tom Sanders, professor of nutrition and dietetics at King’s College London, who is quoted as saying:

“Mary Berry, I always like her, she cooks these cakes with everything we think is awful – sugar, saturated fat and cream – but she said, ‘I only eat a little bit of it’, and I think that is the key to it.”

If you are someone who loves food and hates restrictive diets, Appetite Retraining may be the approach to weight loss you can stick to and which will therefore enable you to lose weight permanently.


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