A fabulous gift to give yourself for 2019 (which costs nothing!)

Happy New Year!

A very happy and healthy 2019!

Over the course of 2019 I’ll continue writing my weekly blog on all aspects of the psychology of eating and appetite and as ever I very much welcome comments, questions and feedback.

The year has started with the huge excitement of having my first book published, “How to Retrain Your Appetite: Lose weight eating all your favourite foods” by Pavilion Books. You can buy the book at independent bookshops, and major booksellers like WH Smiths, Waterstones, Blackwell’s, Foyles and Amazon.


What will be your biggest gift to yourself in 2019?

If you’re a food-lover like me, whatever your tastes and whatever amount of weight you want to lose (or if you just want to enjoy your food more), I’d like to share my biggest discovery about eating and appetite. This is woven through the book, as maximising pleasure is absolutely central to Appetite Retraining. This discovery absolutely blew me away when I first made it, and it continues to astound me most days. Here it is:

When you’re definitely hungry before you eat, food tastes absolutely fantastic!

There are sound biological reasons for this. Your taste buds become increasingly sensitive as you’re getting hungry, and they get less sensitive as you are eating. It’s only when you are definitely hungry that your taste buds are at their most sensitive, at which point even very simple foods taste amazing. When you compare the taste of any food when you’re hungry, with the very same food when you’re not, you’ll make the same discovery yourself. There’s more on this in Chapter 2 of my book if you’re interested.

The camp mates of the “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” jungle all raved about the taste of the food they were given when they won the chance to eat things other than the standard rice-and-beans rations. Although that’s partly because of the monotony of rice and beans the rest of the time I’m sure it’s partly being hungry at the start of the meal.
So, a gift to yourself which will

  • increase the pleasure you get from each meal
  • help you lose weight
  • save you money (you eat foods you already love, just less of them to ensure you can get hungry by next meal)

is to learn to allow yourself to get definitely hungry before each meal.
Prepare to be utterly amazed!

Let me know which foods surprise you most!


Upcoming Appetite Retraining Events

Two Appetite Retraining events are now open for booking.
In these first two Appetite Retraining events of 2019, I’ll be talking about how to include lovely food as part of losing weight and keeping it off.
The first is “Have Your Cake and Eat It” on 30th January at 7.30pm at Toast cafe, Tutshill, Gloucestershire which includes delicious cake with tea or coffee. Here’s the link for more details and to book tickets which cost £10 each.
The second is “Surviving the Buffet” on 22nd March at 7.00pm at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, South Wales and includes a sumptuous 3-course buffet. Here’s the link for more details and to book tickets which cost £57 each until 28th February and £62 after that.

Future events off- and on-line will be posted on the “Appetite Retraining Events” page of the website.
If you want to hire me to come and talk to your group, please email me at info@theappetitedoctor.co.uk

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