The Appetite Manifesto

The Appetite Manifesto

Happy New Year Everyone!

Over the coming year I’ll be posting simple-to-use guidance on how to change any unhelpful eating habits you want to put behind you. Whether this matters to you because you want to lose weight, or feel more in control around eating, or simply because you’re interested in the psychology of eating and appetite.

Here’s my Appetite Manifesto for 2018!

  1. To achieve permanent weight change you need to change your eating habits permanently

  2. Weight loss can, and should be gently achieved. Brutal eating or exercise regimes should be outlawed

  3. Changing eating habits means taking one step at a time, starting from how you eat now. It does NOT mean overhauling how you eat overnight (as most diets have you do)

  4. Meal and snack times have to fit around your lifestyle

  5. Everything you eat should be real food, nothing that’s been doctored to be artificially lower in calories

  6. What you eat should be the foods you already love, perhaps with some new discoveries.

  7. When you know what foods are good for you, it’s not nutritional advice you need; it’s psychological advice about how to eat what, and how much, your body actually needs

  8. Mild gentle hunger every day is your greatest ally when it comes to losing weight

  9. Weight loss can, and should, be joyful and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem

I’ll be posting articles here on the website and adding more content about changing unhelpful eating habits so you can eat in tune with your body, and overcoming any mental blocks you may encounter.

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