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Are you struggling to lose weight?

It can be tough to shed the pounds and keep them off.  Fasting, calorie counting and fad diets are hard to keep up.  And they can suck the enjoyment out of life, especially if you love good food.

But do you know what it is that makes your favourite food so delicious?  It’s not just the food itself, but your taste buds that control the experience of how what we eat tastes.

You can use this to help you lose weight.

Lose weight eating the foods you love

Our taste buds are most receptive when we’re hungry. That’s why the first bite is always the most mouth watering. To lose weight, simply:

  • Get hungry
  • Eat what you love
  • Stop eating when you’re full

Reconnect with your natural appetite

We all ate in tune with our appetites when we were infants, but life teaches us to override our natural instincts. If you’re overweight you may have been ignoring your body’s hunger and fullness signals for many years.

Appetite Retraining shows you how to tune in to this system for a reliable internal guide to what, when and how much to eat.

Eating just as much as your body needs means your weight can fall naturally.

No more diet sheets, meal plans, calorie counters or fasting

If you’re a serial dieter, or you’ve lost weight only to put it back on again once you switch back to everyday eating, Appetite Retraining can teach you a simple and natural way to eat more healthily.

The appetite pendulum

If you’ve lost touch with your natural system, Appetite Retraining teaches you how to re-learn it, using the Appetite Pendulum




The Appetite Pendulum is at the centre of Appetite Retraining. It provides a way of judging your level of hunger or fullness. You can use this subjective 11 point scale to measure how hungry or full you are at any given point.

Simple rules for stopping eating at +3 and waiting to eat until -3 result in gradual weight loss.

You only need to use this scale when you think of eating, and while you are eating. The rest of the time you just get on with your life.

About Appetite Retraining


Helen McCarthy


Appetite Retraining is run by Dr Helen McCarthy, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society with 28 years of experience working as a Clinical Psychologist.


Dr McCarthy offers one-to-one consultations, workshops and seminars to help you lose weight eating the food you love.

See the work with me page for further information


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