Is this you?

Why is it that losing weight permanently is so ridiculously hard?

Particularly when you know about food and eat pretty healthily

If like many people you’ve tried diet after diet and yet still the weight creeps back on you may feel doomed to keep gaining weight. (This can get you down and affect your confidence too).
If you’re on this website right now you’re looking for a whole different approach to losing weight, permanently. Quite probably you’ve tried various diets and whilst they work for a while, they are impossible to stick to.

You’ve got to the point where you’re in a muddle and just want a clear way through that. What you really want is an achievable, steady loss of weight that works around your lifestyle.
If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Don’t worry. There IS a way of losing the weight for good and enjoying the process too!

Lose the weight for good

I’d like to introduce you to Appetite Retraining – the place where people who don’t want to diet (or are sick of trying) come to learn how to eat in tune with their body to help them lose weight permanently.

You’ll lose weight eating all of your favourite foods

You’ll learn how to eat differently and feel better about yourself

What’s more you’ll enjoy food more than ever, I promise!

Some tips to get you started:

How do I…?

1   Get control of my eating?

2   Change my relationship with food?

3   Lose weight without having to change my lifestyle?

4   Feel better about myself?

5   Keep the weight off?

I want to help you lose the weight for good:

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