What are your weight loss saboteurs?

Changing how we eat can prove difficult, and when it does it might be because of mental blocks or self-sabotage.  I have identified the main types of saboteurs that stop us losing weight and a key part of Appetite Retraining is anticipating what your saboteurs are likely to be.

Lack of motivation

You have problems with motivation when you start well, full of enthusiasm, but within days or weeks you’ve lost that sense of purpose and feel like giving up.  It feels like weight loss just isn’t worth it, even though when you started it may have seemed like the most important thing to do right now.

Lack of willpower

You have problems with willpower if you have good intentions to lose weight, but at the point at which you need to actually do something different, (like not have seconds) your ability to do it has deserted you.

Lack of self-belief

Lacking self-belief can happen for a number for reasons.  If you set out with a plan to do something and in the back of your mind don’t believe you can achieve it, this can hold you back and prevent you achieving success.

Feeling under pressure from other people around eating

Other people may put pressure on you either to eat more, or to eat less.  Either way this can result in overeating and in difficulty establishing more helpful eating habits.

To find out what your saboteurs are likely to be, see Chapter 6 of my book “How to Retrain Your Appetite” where you’ll find a simple exercise to gauge what saboteurs are likely to crop up for you, and guidance on how to overcome each of the 4 types.