Two-day workshop for professionals

The psychology of weight loss: How to help your clients change their eating habits

Join us on this two-day course to help you deepen your understanding of the psychological factors which influence your clients’ attempts to lose weight.

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Lose weight eating the foods you love

Learn to eat when hungry and stop when you’re full

Reach your ideal weight and stay there

I had been trying for years to lose the extra pounds that kept creeping on and never managed to shift them. With Appetite Retraining something just clicked. With just a couple of easy changes to my daily eating pattern, I hit my target on schedule, having lost a pound a week for several months. And even over Christmas, I didn’t put anything back on. I feel in control of my eating and my weight, which feels wonderful. I feel fitter and ten years younger. Now dressing up is fun again and I have a new wardrobe.

Anna aged 52