For health professionals


I’ve developed courses and Masterclasses to help healthcare professionals from all disciplines use the Appetite Retraining system in their practice.

Whether you’re a dietitian, doctor, nurse, psychologist, nutritionist, psychotherapist or health coach, these training resources are for you.

I have spent the past three decades working as a clinical psychologist in Adult Mental Health, where the focus is on helping people to make changes to unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and doing.

Over the past 12 years I’ve become really interested in how to apply this knowledge and experience to helping people make changes to how they eat.


Courses and Masterclasses

Whether you work in a dedicated weight management service, or work in other specialties where some of your clients struggle with issues around food, the BPS-Accredited courses I developed are aimed to enhance your skills and expertise.

The courses are:

  • The Psychology of Weight Loss
  • Masterclass: How to help your clients reduce Emotional Eating
  • Masterclass: How to help your clients overcome food cravings

The emphasis in my professional trainings is always on what is clinically useful in helping people achieve their goals.

The courses are listed on this page of my website. I’m in the process of recording the courses I’ve run previously, so they are available on-demand. I’m doing that to make the space to create new courses on topics that colleagues have asked for.


BSLM Accredited Appetite Retraining course

As well as the above courses, I have created a 4-part course which is presented to help you use Appetite Retraining principles and techniques to change your own relationship with food.

It covers much of the same material as the professionals’ courses listed above, in a way that allows you to learn for your own personal benefit as well as learning what will be useful to your clients.

This course is accredited for 12 hours of CPD by the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine. The link for more details is here:

Appetite Retraining: a kind and sustainable approach to weight loss


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