Help My Clients Lose Weight


I run courses and training sessions to help healthcare professionals use the Appetite Retraining system in their practice.

Whether you’re a dietitian or nutritionist, psychotherapist or coach, many of your clients may want your help to change their relationship with food. Distress around food and eating is all too common, and even your most high-flying clients may be struggling with their relationship with food.


Conventional advice around dieting and exercise rarely helps in the long run as what’s needed is a shift in mindset and a sustainable change to eating habits.


I have spent the past three decades of working as a clinical psychologist. Appetite Retraining developed over working with thousands of patients looking to change unhelpful habits and patterns of behaviour. However it was only a chance remark from a client in 2011 that helped me put 2 and 2 together and realise that I could use my training and experience to help people lose weight permanently. I’d helped Megan overcome bulimia nervosa using CBT, and on the way out of her final session she thanked me and said ‘I just wish I could I lose another stone in weight.’ I realised I had no idea how to help her do something as seemingly straightforward as losing this weight, and determined that I needed to find a way to do it.


But of course it’s not straightforward, otherwise there would be no need for the shelves of weight loss books and aisles of diet food.


So how as a professional do you go about helping your clients with their weight loss goals? Whether you work in a dedicated weight loss clinic or treat private clients with issues around food, I can train you how to achieve success for the people you work with.


The recent British Psychological Society report Psychological Perspectives on Obesity recommends that all professionals working in weight loss should be trained in behaviour change. Here are details of my next two-day training workshop for professionals The Psychology of Weight Loss: How to help your clients change their eating habits.

The training involves a close look at identifying just those specific behaviours each person needs to change, and provides evidence-based strategies and techniques to achieve change. Whether that’s reducing portion size, stopping unhealthy snacking or emotional eating, the workshop explains how the blocks to change are often due to psychological factors and shows you how to help your clients overcome them. Book your place now

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