8 – week group programme

Learn to retrain your appetite in a group.  Working together in a small group means you get to make permanent changes to how you eat and lose weight permanently in a supportive, enjoyable environment. Over the 8 week course you work with others who are tackling similar issues around eating to discover:

  • how to lose weight eating all your favourite foods
  • how to eat in tune with your body
  • how to change your unhelpful eating habits
  • understand your mental blocks to weight loss & learn how to overcome them
  • how to lose weight for good & keep it off easily

Each session will involve a combination of discussion, a brief presentation and exercises to help make the changes you want.

How long will it take?

Each of the group meetings lasts one and a half hours. The eight meetings take place at the same time and place each week.

How much will it cost?

The 8-week group programme costs £320

Is the 8-week group programme right for me?

  • Yes if you want a weight loss group with a difference. The groups are small and I have the expertise to help you understand why you’ve been stuck, and how to get un-stuck
  • Yes if you want to learn in a collaborative, supportive atmosphere where you can share experiences with other people who are working on changing their own eating habits
  • Yes if you want to learn in a focused way over a short period of time
  • Yes if you want to learn from someone who has successfully used this approach. I was my own first guinea pig when I developed this weight loss programme and lost a stone and a half which I’ve easily kept off in the years since.

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