Appetite Retraining: a kind and sustainable approach to weight loss

I’ve created this unique course in 4 parts to help you change how you eat, either to achieve a happier relationship with food or to help you lose weight or both.

So much of our trouble with eating and weight loss is to do with understanding what goes on in the mind and body. It’s not about the food. What causes unhappiness and misery around food and eating is often to do with psychology, not nutrition.

I’m a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience helping people change unhelpful patterns of feeling, thinking and behaviour. I’m the author of the best-selling book “How to Retrain Your Appetite” and this course is a deeper dive into Appetite Retraining.

I’ve designed the course for anyone whose relationship with food is causing them unhappiness rather than joy. It is not about eating disorders but it is about eating unhappiness.

Want to know more?

The course consists of 4 pre-recorded modules with the accompanying materials  (Scroll down this page for details of what each module covers)

  • How to change how you eat, for weight loss (or happiness)
  • How to eat in tune with your body and mind
  • How to overcome food cravings
  • How to reduce Emotional Eating

You can either sign up for the whole course, or sign up for just the specific modules you are interested in.

Individual modules are £150 each.

If you book the whole course (4 modules) the cost is £500.

This course is accredited by the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine for 12 hours of CPD


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All modules

All 4 modules



Module One

How to change how you eat


Module Two

How to eat in tune with your body & mind


Module Three

How to overcome food cravings


Module Four

How to reduce Emotional Eating


Feedback from people who’ve attended the course

“Your presentation, your kindness, your energy, your compassion are palpable Helen and I’ve learned so much and can’t tell you the springboard this is for those around me

“Thanks so much for this.  It’s extremely helpful and encouraging.”

“I’m a Type 2 diabetic which I manage using diet and exercise not medication, and I currently need to lose weight to regain the 80cms waist measurement which is associated with good blood sugar control (due to losing visceral fat from the liver, pancreas etc) so I have a lot at stake in this.  Your work is absolutely the right tools at the right time for me!”

“Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.  I used to think I’d never improve my health and appearance, particularly since putting on 4st plus post-menopause.  But I now feel hopeful.”

“I am just loving Helen’s Appetite Retraining course.  It’s profound and I cannot recommend enough!  Loving the anthropology, the education around mechanisms and biology and her little jewels to help you recognise the tension between what you feel you want with food and what you actually do”

“I am really enjoying the course Helen… it’s so thought provoking”

“Thank you so much for this fantastic course.  I found the pacing of your presentation just right, you are admirably clear and well-informed so the content is actionable.  I particularly appreciate being offered a range of tools – as well as how realistic you are about real-world pressures on us around food. I particularly appreciate how empowering it is with your work to be given such specific tools.”

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Thank you so much Helen, brilliant, really helped me today, love the course, inspirational!”

“Great session, thank you so much!! Learnt loads of new techniques”

“Thank you – after 40+ years of struggling with my eating/weight am now feeling more positive about the way forward.”

“I’m amazed at the impact of Appetite Retraining for me in just a couple of weeks.  I was losing some weight anyway due to changing what I eat and to taking a supplement which helps me get some decent sleep after about 12 years of poor sleep – However this has accelerated once I started Appetite Retraining.  I’ve lost about five pounds and am getting much improved blood glucose readings, especially on waking.   Appetite Retraining has supercharged the process that was already working.”

Module 1

How to change how you eat, for weight loss (or happiness) 

This module will help you understand why you eat as you do and why diets may not have worked for you in the past. I’ll show you how to approach making changes to how you eat, based on the science of habit change.

We will use up-to-date, fun exercises to help you strengthen your motivation which will help you keep on track.

You’ll learn about the psychology of willpower. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about willpower – it’s not something you have or you don’t have – it’s about energy.

We’ll look at the changes you can make to your current way of doing things that will help recharge your willpower battery.

By the end of the module you’ll understand why dieting hasn’t been sustainable for you in the past, and you’ll have identified specific steps you can take in changing how you eat in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Module 2

How to eat in tune with your body and mind

Re-learning how to eat in tune with your body’s appetite system is a fabulous and life-enhancing alternative to joyless dieting, because when we eat in tune with our body and mind, the food we eat tastes amazing!

In this module I’ll remind you of some very basic human biology that can really help us retrain our appetite. Understanding the two different types of fullness signals opens the way to being able to stop eating when we’ve eaten enough.

Knowing what happens as we start to get hungry allows us to deal with mild, gentle hunger with confidence and without fear. I’ll teach you techniques to help reduce your feelings of anxiety around feeling hungry.

I’ll share practical strategies for stopping eating when you’re just full, that will enhance rather than reduce the pleasure you get from food.

By the end of the module you’ll understand your own body’s appetite system and you’ll be ready to start putting this into practice. You’ll have specific tools to help you reduce portion sizes if that’s an issue for you. You’ll have strategies to help you get comfortable with mild gentle hunger.

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Module 3

How to overcome food cravings

In this module I’ll explain how cravings develop and how we can respond to them differently once we understand what’s driving them.

I’ll share with you research on what happens in our minds that makes the craving hard to resist, and will teach you proven techniques to help you reduce or overcome your cravings.

I’ll show you practical techniques and strategies to calm your cravings that are simple and quick to use, and based on clinical research.

By the end of the module you’ll have effective techniques you can use when a craving hits, to allow you to decide whether to give in to it.

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Session 3

Module 4

How to reduce Emotional Eating

Emotional eating happens for good reasons when our nervous system learns that eating food can alter how we feel.

This module is about understanding that each emotion tells us something about what’s going on, and by learning to decode these emotional messages we can learn new ways of managing our feelings.

I’ll teach you some simple strategies for responding to emotions without food, that you’ll be able to practise straight away to give you alternatives to reaching for food when you experience uncomfortable feelings.

By the end of the module you’ll understand which emotions are causing you to overeat, and you’ll have strategies and techniques to deal with the emotions directly, without food.

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Session 4