Do you feel stuck at your current weight and don’t know how to break the deadlock?

Appetite Retraining is here to help if:

  • Your weight has become an issue and you want to do something about it
  • It’s affecting your overall sense of wellbeing
  • You’ve tried to lose weight but found diets impossible to stick to
  • You weigh more than you want because you eat more than you need
  • You love good food
  • You’re looking for clear, simple guidance about how to change your eating patterns so that your weight falls off and stays off.

My aim is to spread the word that:

  • Weight loss follows naturally when you learn to eat in tune with your body. Being able to wait until you’re hungry before eating and being able to stop when you’re just full
  • Weight loss doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of fabulous food – quite the opposite
  • Permanent weight loss is achievable one step at a time, starting where you are now
  • You’ll gain confidence as you lose weight, not just because you look good but because you’re in control around food

If you’re looking for a whole different approach to losing weight permanently, you’re in the right place.  Appetite Retraining teaches you how to re-learn to tune in to your body’s natural signals for regulating your eating and appetite.  You start where you are now and make one change at a time towards eating in tune with whether you’re hungry, and when you are just full.  And the mental blocks to getting there are explained, and simple techniques for overcoming those blocks or “saboteurs” are provided.

How I can help you

Perhaps the hardest thing about developing Appetite Retraining has been simplifying and condensing a huge and complex field, so that you can benefit. And the most interesting has been discovering what stops us from achieving our weight loss goals.  In myself, and then in most of my clients I discovered a tendency to self-sabotage.  The more people I worked with, the clearer it started to become that these “saboteurs” fall into particular types:

  1. Lack of motivation

  2. Lack of willpower

  3. Lack of self-belief

  4. Feeling under pressure from other people around eating

The different saboteurs need different solutions, and those solutions are a part of Appetite Retraining. Identifying them and tackling them head-on allows you to break free of yo-yo dieting.

What has grown out of me grappling with how to work with (not against) your biology and psychology is, I am extremely proud to say,

The most delicious way possible to lose weight!

I am absolutely confident that this is what Appetite Retraining is, because food tastes most delicious when

  1. You eat what you already love
  2. You eat the best food you can afford (where possible real food, in season)
  3. You are definitely hungry when you start eating

And this is what Appetite Retraining teaches you how to do.

It’s not just the most delicious way to lose weight in the world; it is the most delicious way to eat. Full Stop.  A lot of slim people already naturally do this.  They just haven’t developed the sort of unhelpful eating habits you and I did.

I hope that when you look around this website you’ll be able to start understanding why you’ve been stuck previously.  And you’ll be able to see that there is a way to move ahead, changing how you eat in a way that means you lose weight, gain confidence and enjoy what you eat more than ever.  Eating can be a real pleasure, every day, from now on.

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