Treat Yourself to a New Relationship with Food

Treat Yourself to a New Relationship with Food

Not long now until this tumultuous year draws to a close. Many of us are looking forward to drawing a line under 2020 and beginning again on a new page.

Some big things changed this year for me. The nature of my work changed enormously. Merely a year ago I hadn’t even heard of Zoom! Now most sessions with clients, all professional meetings, and all my training workshops are online.

Food issues under lockdown

So much of our lives has become virtual this year- we connect with our friends and family on Zoom, we shop online, we exercise online – but the food we eat is very much in the real world. Losing weight hasn’t become easier under lock down. Issues around food didn’t disappear because restaurants were shut or supermarket shelves were empty.  Your relationship with food starts in your own mind, and if you want to make a change, that’s where you need to start.

In fact, issues around food may even have become magnified. Even people who haven’t struggled with their weight in the past have found it has crept up during lockdown. What you used to distract or entertain yourself before is now out of bounds. Maybe your happy places have gone – we can’t pop round to friends’ houses, play sport (or even watch it), go to the cinema or the gym. The only real world retail therapy is food shopping and the fridge is only ever five steps away!

Change your relationship with food

Lockdown has had negative effects on mental health, and over the past few months my caseload has become full. I can’t take on any more private clients, but I do really want to help more people.

So if you want to change your relationship with food, whatever’s happening in the outside world, this is for you.

I’ve created four new online workshops where you can learn from me in person. I’ve chosen the biggest topics that I see time and time again. I’ll be sharing the practical tips and strategies that I use with my private clients.

My first series of online Appetite Doctor Retreat Days starts in January 2021.

These four 1-day online retreats are for you to come together to think about and learn ways of developing a new relationship with food and will help you change how you feel and act around eating. The focus will be on learning practical techniques and strategies, all of which come from Clinical and Health Psychology.

The four topics that I get asked about most often are –

  • Difficulty staying motivated

  • Lack of willpower

  • Cravings

  • Emotional Eating

You are welcome to book one or more of the Retreats. If you have particular issues around eating then choose the days that will be most relevant to you. If you want the whole experience, go for all 4.

Here’s a quick summary of what the four days are about.

#1 How to stick to your resolutions around eating & keep on track

This is the first Retreat Day in which I’ll help you understand why it’s normal to revert to old patterns of eating, and what the science of habit change tells us about how we can keep on track forming new behaviours and beliefs.

You’ll see that struggling to stick to your new year’s resolutions around eating is not because you’re weak and it’s more to do with what diet you have chosen to follow and whether underneath it all you have mixed feelings about losing weight.

We will use up to date, fun exercises to help you strengthen your motivation and discover strengths you didn’t know you had.

By the end of the day you’ll understand better the blocks that held you back before, and have practical strategies to tune in to and use your positive desire for change

#2 How to Strengthen Your Willpower

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about willpower – it’s not something you have or you don’t have – it’s partly about energy.

On this day we will look at why energy may be part of the problem, and discover ways to gently recharge your willpower energy, and reduce the amount you need in order to make changes to how you eat.

We’ll discover how to minimise the amount of willpower energy you need to make the changes you want to achieve.

By the end of the day you’ll understand why willpower seems to have failed you in the past and have techniques and strategies to boost your willpower energy and to know just when to use it

#3 How to Reduce or Overcome Cravings

What’s going on in our brains when we get a craving? Understanding different systems in the brain gives us a new way of understanding cravings, and techniques from Clinical Psychology can help you respond to cravings in a whole new way.

I’ll show you practical techniques and strategies to calm your cravings that are simple and quick to use, and based on clinical research.

By the end of the day you’ll have effective techniques you can use when a craving hits, to help you resist.

#4 How to Reduce Emotional Eating

Emotional eating happens for good reasons when our nervous system learns that eating food can alter how we feel. Too much emotional eating can leave you feeling out of control.

This day is about understanding that each emotion tells us something about what’s going on, and by learning to decode these emotional messages we can learn new ways of managing our feelings.

We’ll cover the ways that relationships with others can fuel emotional eating, and how our relationship with ourselves can be a big part of the problem.

By the end of the day you’ll understand which emotions are causing you to overeat, and you’ll have strategies and techniques to deal with the emotions directly, without food.

More details and how to book your Retreat Days

How to stick to your resolutions around eating

How to strengthen your willpower

How to reduce cravings

How to reduce emotional eating

  • Each retreat is £90 for the day

  • You can book 2 retreats for £170 (saving £10)

  • You can book 3 retreats for £240 (saving £30)

  • You can book all 4 retreats for £300 (saving £60)

I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you in 2021, and if you have any questions just drop me a line

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