Becoming a bestseller and a short video on eating habits

It’s been an exciting week at Appetite Retraining HQ!

First, as you can see, my book became an Amazon Number 1 Bestseller!!
Thank you to everyone who has bought it and if it’s helped you, please tell other people that there is an alternative to conventional dieting which does not mean clearing out your cupboards or denying yourself your favourite treats.

In the press

Second, Mail Online published an interview with me about my Appetite Pendulum, which is here if you haven’t already seen it. I’ve had some really positive feedback from that article including people who’ve messaged me to say how helpful using the Appetite Pendulum has already been to them. The great thing about it its simplicity and the fact that once you tune in to what your body is telling you about how hungry or full it is, you can eat what you like, and adjust the amount to satisfy your appetite.
The other really interesting thing people notice when they learn to tune in to the hunger signals from their gut is that what they then want to eat tends to be healthy. It’s often your brain that tells you want cake, not your gut.

My new video on the importance of habit change

Third, my next short video about Appetite Retraining, on changing unhelpful eating habits, is now out, and the link to it is here. What I explain in this video is that the bottom line of permanent rather than temporary weight loss is creating new more positive eating habits. Future blogs will cover different aspects of how to go about changing your unhelpful eating habits for good. What I’d add to the message in the video is this:

  • Your eating habits are unique to you, as mine are to me.
  • Each of us needs to change what’s not working for us.
  • What we need to change won’t be exactly the same as what someone else needs to change.
  • And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – don’t go trying to change everything about how you eat!


Launching a new newsletter for professionals

I’m shortly going to be launching my new Appetite Retraining for Professionals newsletter. This will be written for anyone whose job involves helping people lose weight, or simply change particular eating habits. Each month I’ll look at one area of the most up-to-date and important psychological research on eating and appetite, and digest it to make it relevant to you in your everyday practice. Whether you’re a dietitian, nutritionist, nurse, doctor, counsellor, psychotherapist, life coach, healthcare assistant or psychologist this is for you. And if you’re an academic involved in doing the research, you’ll be able to see how your work translates into useful action for those of us on the frontline of helping people change.
You can sign up here for this, and/or for the regular Appetite Retraining newsletter.

The regular newsletter will continue with articles on all aspects of the psychology of eating and appetite for anyone with a personal interest in losing weight and keeping it off.


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