The Delicious Sit Down Meal Seminar

The Delicious Sit Down Meal Seminar
  • Do you find eating out difficult when you’re losing weight?
  • Do you struggle to know what to order in restaurants?
  • Do you find it hard to really enjoy meals out when you’re dieting?

The Appetite Seminars will show you a different way to eat out and really enjoy your meal without gaining weight.

Eating out is hard when you’re trying to lose weight

A typical two-course meal in restaurant carries 56% of a 2000 calorie intake. Throw in a pudding as well, and you’re getting close to a recommended daily intake in one meal. No wonder eating out in restaurants can become a minefield for anyone trying to lose weight.

The pressure from friends and family ‘go on, treat yourself,’ and waiting staff, ‘I daren’t leave anything, they’ll think I didn’t like it’ means that many diets are blown in restaurants. And if you feel like you’ve failed, you feel guilty, and what should have been a truly enjoyable and happy occasion is spoilt.

Imagine if you could go to a restaurant, have the confidence to order delicious food, eat as much of it as you really wanted, enjoy every mouthful, and come away feeling satisfied and happy.

That’s the aim of the Sit Down Restaurant Meal Seminar.

You’ll learn the techniques and gain the understanding you need to not only survive eating out without blowing your diet, but to take the stress out of the whole restaurant experience.

Delicious food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so enjoy it

The Sit-Down Restaurant Meal Seminar will take place in the private dining room at Riverstation. You’ll learn valuable techniques and learn a new way of approaching eating out while you’re enjoying a fabulous three-course meal in one of Bristol’s top restaurants.

You’ll learn:

  • How to order from a menu
  • How to deal with pressure to eat more than you want from other people
  • How to deal with pressure from waiting staff
  • How to deal with anxiety over leaving food
  • How to stop seeing resisting food as a test of will power, and start enjoying every mouthful

This seminar is for you if:

    • You’re trying to lose weight, and find eating out in restaurants stressful
    • You starve yourself during the day before you visit to a restaurant to compensate for the calories you know you’ll eat – and then end up eating even more
    • You’re angry with yourself after a meal out because you feel like you’ve failed, and lose the will to continue with your diet
    • You find yourself saying ‘no’ to invitations because you know you won’t be able to resist eating too much. You know you’re missing out on life!
    • You dread invitations to eat out, because of the pressures you feel surrounding food and your weight
    • You love food, and want to enjoy it and lose weight
    • You’re finding the starve/eat cycle of the 5:2 diet impossible to sustain

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About Riverstation

Riverstation offers modern European dining in a beautiful Bristol riverside location, with stunning views across the harbor. Menus in the restaurant change daily and are created from the best local and seasonal ingredients by the Head Chef. Everything is made in-house, from the sourdough bread to the ice cream.

Riverstation – Riverstation, The Grove, Bristol, BS1 4RB

Get your ticket to the Sit Down Restaurant Meal Seminar here >

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